Calibration Routine for TC553/852 Controllers

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Calibration Routine for TC553/852 Controllers

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I am trying to add the ability to calibrate the touch screen in my program. The problem is once the routine is finished, it just goes to a black screen that says done. I want to be able to know when the routine is finished so that I can reload the screen I had before. I have tried waiting for a '!' but this ends up being an infinite loop. I just need to know what the module sends out on the TX line that my micro can read to know the operation is complete. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Calibration Routine for TC553/852 Controllers

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When the touch screen calibration was completed, regardless the outcome (succeeded or not) "Done" or "Please repeat calibration" message will appear and the controller will send the "!" (exclamation mark). You can verify your controller's responses by using a Windows HyperTerminal. To start the touch screen calibration, use the following commands:

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Ctrl + y, Ctrl + a

We will need to modify the TC553/852 controller firmware to include the 2 different responses by the controller according to the calibration outcome (succeeded or not).

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