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Nothing On The Display

Post by vivat » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:26 am

Could you please tell me why my brand new F-51553 LCD doesn´t work with TC553/852 controller? I can only turn ON/OFF the LCD backlight and contrast with the Control Panel but I can not display anything on the LCD.
The TC51320 and TC553/852 controllers have a trimmer potentiometer for contrast adjustment. If you're not satisfied with the default contrast settings or you have nothing showing on the display, you can adjust the contrast in the software or by using trimmer potentiometer R17 for contrast adjustment. To use the trimmer potentiometer feature switches #1 and #3 on S1 must be turned ON. To use the software control feature with either F-51320 or F-51553 LCDs: switches #1 and #3 on S1 must be turned OFF. Refer to the Switch S1 positioning diagram below.

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