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Site Etiquette

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1) Always do site searches on message threads, before posting a question or problem. Why? The answer is simple. Many questions/problems have been answered before. The site mods/admins try to help as many people as possible. We give of our time to do this. You, as a site users, have to help yourselves! Our time is limited and we want to deal with new problems and not old problems.

2) When posting, please post in the correct forum. Why? Each forum has mods that look after it. The mods have knowledge in that area. If you post in the wrong area, then you don't have the "eye" of the most qualified persons. Mods pay attention to their forums, more then the other forums.

3) Don't answer a question, with a question. When someone posts a problem/question, please don't post in their thread, unless you have a solution to their problem. Why? The thread starter is the owner of the thread. They don't need your problems mixed up with theirs. It also makes things confusing for the thread readers & mods. Please start your own thread with your new problem/question.

4) Please be polite when you post. We don't want flames. Flames do nothing. It is best to say nothing then flame. We are here to gain knowledge. If you must flame, then take it to the "NO HOLD BARS" forum.

5) Have fun with the hobby. If you are not having fun, then quit. Life is too short to do otherwise.