Evaluation of TC51553 controller

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Evaluation of TC51553 controller

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Is there any program that is loaded in the TC51553 controller or is that needs to be done. If so, do you have any documentation and example code that can be used to verify that the hardware is operating?
The TC51553 controller is programmed, tested, and ready to use. In order to verify the hardware functionality, follow the next steps:
1. Connect a F-51553 LCD, touch screen (if available) to the board.
2. Download, extract and install our freeware Control Panel Software (check the latest version from TVI Electronics web site) on your PC. Follow the instructions that the installer gives you.
3. When the installation is complete, connect a serial interface cable from your PC to the TC51553 controller. Once this connection has established, launch the Control Panel Software on your PC. Select the appropriate COM Port, Baud Rate (default 9600), and click Connect.
Now you may begin using the software to evaluate the TC51553 controller board.

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