Interfacing with TC51854 controller

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Interfacing with TC51854 controller

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Do you have any products like the TC51854 available with I2C interfaces? I assume the touch screen controller does not talk RS232 and I would need an ADC for operation. Is that correct?
We don't supply controllers with I2C interface. Communication with our controllers can be achieved by either using RS-232 protocol interface or connecting directly to Atmega16 UART. The communication protocol is 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Our controllers come with a regular DB9 connector which allows communication with PC by a standard serial cable.

The touch screen controller built into the controller board and uses the same type of communication. It sends XY coordinates of a touch location through serial communication lines, therefore it doesn't require an external ADC converter for operation. For more info please refer to our TC51854 User's Manual.

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