General questions regarding TC51854 controller board

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General questions regarding TC51854 controller board

Post by vivat »

What is the maximum current draw of the module (TC51854 controller+LCD)? I saw the number 200 mA on one of your pages, but need a confirmation.
The module requires a 250 mA current.
Do you have a schematic of the control module like you do for the TC553/852?
We provide our customers with a CD-ROM that includes all supporting documentation (User's Manual with TC51854 schematic, supporting software, some templates to start with) for the TC51854 controller.
Do you have a mounting bezel that goes with the F-51854, or a recommendation for one?
We don't supply bezels made especially for our modules. Sorry for inconvenience.
The 6-9V input range is awkward for us. Every once in a while I see 7-15V listed on the website, which 12V would be best for us. Is 12V doable?
We recommend usage of 6-9 VDC power supply, however you can use any available power supply up to 40 VDC.
Can I hook 5V directly onto the J3 regulator output instead of supplying 6-9V?
In current built configuration we do not recommend a supply of 5 VDC through J3 connector. In order to use an external 5 VDC power supply, a removal of U5 voltage regulator is required.

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