TC51854 controller with PIC processor

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TC51854 controller with PIC processor

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Is TC51854 controller have compatibility with a PIC processor coded in C language?
Yes. The communication with the controller can be established via RS232 or, if you'll use a PIC microcontroller, it can communicate through UART directly.
Will my PIC processor be able to transmit and receive data to the controller using the UART.

In order to display information on the screen, the controller requires commands from the main microprocessor, your PIC in this case.
Can my PIC processor receive data from the touchscreen using the UART? For example, if a number sequence is entered to the touchscreen, can that info get to the PIC or does it only go the the LCD controller board?
When data is entered through the touch screen, the TC51854 controller sends numbers (1 to 16) or XY coordinates (depends on the mode selected) to the main microprocessor. When in the Keypad Mode, the touch screen is divided into 16 equal boxes. According to the location touched, the controller will send number of the touched box to the main microprocessor. For more information on the TC51854 controller please refer to the User's Manual.
I want to have a real-time data shown on the LCD. Is it possible?
In order to display a real-time information on the screen, your PIC microprocessor is required to send an updated data to the TC51854 controller. As soon as the controller will receive that data, the information will appear on the screen.

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