ISP Errors

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ISP Errors

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I've purchased TC51553 Evaluation/Demo Board with Graphical User Interface and it works great with the Demo program on the computer. However, when trying to program the ATMEGA16 with the code provided in the "3 Steps Guidebook", errors were present in the programming. First off, the AVR programmer stated that it could program the FLASH but failed when trying to read it back. Afterwards an ISP Mode Error popped up and said a problem occurred when executing the command and mentioned to check the ISP programming frequency, which is unknown. Basically, all I’m trying to do is program the ATMEGA with simple code so it can function independently while utilizing F-51553GNBJ-LW-AB LCD and touchscreen.
The “3 Steps Guidebook” is provided for your reference only. You should always create a BACKUP of your original firmware (both, FLASH and EEPROM) before attempting to write your own code.

If you’re using an AVR Studio 4, there is an option to lower an ISP frequency. When you click on AVR button, the program will search for your ISP device and, if found, it will pop another window with tabs. Go to the tab named Board and change the ISP frequency, when done, click Write. Also, when you program your controller, make sure that in the tab Program the selected device is Atmega16.

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