Quesiton regarding Touch Screen LCD Module

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Quesiton regarding Touch Screen LCD Module

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First off, I am new at using touchscreen so I would like some answers before I purchase anything.

I am looking to use a touchscreen module for a senior project of mine. In simple terms, it will be a programmable pet food dispenser. I am hoping to have the use the touchscreen for inputs by the user.

The user will have to enter some things such as time to feed, how much food to dispense and etc. In order to do this, I am hoping to program it to show numbers from 0-9. I am also hoping to add 2-3 other buttons and possibly show the value that was input by the user on the screen.

Again, I am new to this so i may be asking for the impossible for the touchscreen, but I would like to ask if this is possible.

Finally, I wish to connect it to a microcontroller such as the ATMEGA16 or 32. I would like to ask again if this is possible.

I know that I left a lot of information out, so please ask if you require any more.

Thank you

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Re: Quesiton regarding Touch Screen LCD Module

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The way I see your project is by using TVI Electronics' TouchScreen LCD Module connected to your Atmega16 or 32 microcontroller through the serial port. For a connection diagram please refer to TCxx controller User Manual. The connection for the serial communication is the following: TxD from TCxx controller to RxD on your Atmega controller, RxD from TCxx controller to TxD on your Atmega controller and GND from TCxx controller to GND on your Atmega controller. Create a picture of the main screen that will show a list of functions (see example 1 below). The keypad templates are available on the supporting CD.

When user selects function by touching a screen, the TCxx controller will send XY coordinates of the touch location or digits, if used in a Keypad Mode. Your microcontroller will then load a keypad template from the Tcxx controller’s memory (see example 2 below) to allow for more user input. All of the user’s input will be transmitted to your microcontroller, so you can display the value on the screen accordingly.

Let me know if this information is helpful for you.

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