Control Panel V3.1.0

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Control Panel V3.1.0

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I just received my TC553/853 module and played a bit around with it. Suddenly the Control Panel V3.1.0 isn't working anymore on my PC, I get the message "Controller Not Found" each time I want to connect. With a terminal softare, I'm able to control the module and with Control Panel V3.1.0 on an other PC as well but not on my own. I removed and reinstalled Control Panel V3.1.0 but the problem remains. Maybe there are registry settings? Any advice? I think it's a convenient tool to load BMPs to the EEPROM if it works ... .

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Control Panel V3.1.0

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First of all please make sure that you're using the latest Control Panel software. Please check Touch Screen LCD Module Downloads for the software version. Verify that the selected COM port is not used by another program at the same time. You may also try to connect to a different COM port if available. There also might be a problem (not necessarily) if you're using the USB to RS232 converter to connect with the controller.
If your problem still exists please contact TVI Electronics Support directly and the'll provide you with a further assistance.

Control Panel is a freeware software and is provided on an as is basis. We do our best to fix the problems in a timely manner, so if you'll find any bugs in the software please report them to us.

Support Group,
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Re: Control Panel V3.1.0

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Does this work the same with the current Control Panel version?

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