TVI Electronics GUI Solution Images



TC51320 Controller

TC51320 Controller - Top View             TC51320 Controller - Bottom View



TC51553 Controller

TC51553 Controller - Top View             TC51553 Controller - Bottom View



TC405/851 Controller

TC405/851 LCD Evaluation Board



TC553/852 Controller

TC553/852 Controller PCB - Top View          TC553/852 Controller PCB - Bottom View



TC51854 Controller

TC51854 LCD Evaluation Board



TC51900 Controller


TC51900 LCD Evaluation Board



TC55472 Controller


TC55472 Controller PCB - Top View          TC55472 Controller PCB - Bottom View



TC55471 Controller


TC55471 LCD Evaluation Board



TC55471U Controller


TC55471U LCD Evaluation Board



TC55343 Controller


TC55343 LCD Evaluation Board



Touch Screen LCD Module



Touch Screen LCD Module

Module with Optrex F-51553 Blue/White LCD          Optrex F-51852 128x64 Module

Optrex F-51553, F-51320 128x64 Yellow/Green LCD          Module with Optrex 128x64 LCD White/Black

Optrex F-51852 Blue/White           Module with Optrex 128x64 LCD Blue/Black


Touch Screen LCD Module Green/White          Touch Screen LCD Module Red/Black      


TC51854 for Optrex 160x128 Black/White LCD          TM5C2BW Touch Screen LCD Module Blue/White



TC55343 for Optrex 320x240 TFT Transmissive Graphic LCD          TC55343 for Optrex 320x240 TFT Transmissive Graphic LCD



TC55149S for Optrex 240x400 TFT Transflective Graphic LCD




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