Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 Series 128x64
Monochrome Graphic LCD Displays

Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 128x64 Blue/White LCD       Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 128x64 Yellow/Green LCD



Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 Series 128x64 LCDs with a 2.8-inch diagonal viewing area for character and/or graphics display


The F-51553 128x64 dot pixel chip on glass (COG) STN transmissive monochrome modules provide a wider temperature range (-20°C to +70°C) than Kyocera Display's (former Optrex) popular F-51320 Series COG monochrome LCDs. They also provide greater temperature stability (though use of a liquid crystal fluid with a flat voltage vs. operation temperature characteristic to enable operation over the entire temperature range without the need for voltage adjustment). The Kyocera Display (former Optrex) F-51553 supports serial as well as parallel interface, allowing designers the option of specifying their desired interface type. Parallel interface to a mPU requires 13 lines (8 for data and 5 for control). It has a flexible cable with 30 pin connector. The Kyocera Display (former Optrex) F-51553 module does not have an on board character generator. Compared to other controllers like the Toshiba T6963C, the F-51553 has a limited amount of instructions. However, it is quite easy to interface and program.


These cost-effective modules are available in two variations:


Kyocera Display (former Optrex) P/N F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN, F-51553GNBJ-LW-AGN (Blue Mode version) module displays white characters or graphics on a blue background or inverted blue-on-white, features a highly efficient 3-chip white LED backlight, and provides a contrast ratio of 6:1. The Blue Mode F-51553 LCD has a total power consumption of only 0.385W max because of the higher efficiency white LEDs used in its construction. This reduces the problem of heat dissipation for components where that is a particularly sensitive issue, such as servers or hand-held monitoring instruments.


Kyocera F-51553 128x64 LCD Features

  • Large 2.8" diagonal active area

  • Viewing Angle 6:00

  • Wide temperature range (-20 to 70 C)

  • Selectable serial or 8-bit parallel interface

  • 5V supply voltage over entire operating temperature range

  • Integrated display data RAM

  • Integrated IC Epson S1D15605 controller/driver capable of both graphics & text

  • Internal charge pump for LCD driving voltage

  • Blue mode version available

  • 0.5 mm dot pitch (square dots)

  • 20 micron spacing between pixels

  • Low power consumption

  • Compliant with RoHS regulations

LED Backlight

  • 3-chip direct white LED side lighting (F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN, F-51553GNBJ-LW-AGN) produces a bright backlight with surface luminance of 60-nits(min)

F-51553 Series 128x64 LCD Specifications

F-51553 Specifications

Model Name

(RoHS Compliant)

LCD Type


Resolution (WxH)

128 x 64 dot pixels

Active Area (HxH mm)

66.8 x 35.5

Dot Size (WxH mm)

0.48 x 0.48

Dot Pitch (WxH mm)

0.50 x 0.50

Overall Outline Dimensions (WxHxD mm)

89.7 x 49.8 x 6.0

Weight (g)

33.0 max.

Response Time (ms)


LCD Driving Voltage

8.9 V typ. @ 25°C

Total Power Consumption (watts)

0.385 max.

Contrast Ratio



LED Backlight/White

Storage Temperature

min. -30°C ~ max. +85°C

Operating Temperature

min. -20°C ~ max. +70°C

Viewing Angle

6 o'clock

Data Transfer

selectable serial or 8-bit parallel

Data Sheet

 F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN Technical Specifications / F-51553GNBJ-LW-AGN Technical Specifications


F-51553GNBJ-LW-AB Drawing



Replacement (* requires 3.3V supply voltage)


GUI Solutions for Kyocera F-51553 Series 128x64 LCDs

TC51553 Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 LCD

TC51553 Embedded GUI Board


TC553/852 Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51553 & F-51852 LCDs

TC553/852 Embedded GUI Board

Touch Solution for Kyocera F-51553 Series 128x64 LCDs

TSR-51852 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen

2.8" 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen (P/N: TSR-51852)

Kyocera (Optrex) F-51553 Supporting Documentation
F-51553GNBJ-LW-AB Technical Specification

Product Brief (PDF - 675KB)





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