Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN 160x128
Monochrome Transflective Graphic LCD


Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN 160x128 Monochrome Graphic LCD

Winter White Background



Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN 160x128 dot pixel LCD with a 4.7-inch diagonal viewing area for characters and/or graphics display

A new series of highly reflective monochrome graphic and character LCDs from Kyocera Display (former Optrex) America, Inc. offers designers a new range of display solutions for outstanding readability in any ambient lighting condition, with exceptional performance over a wide operating temperature range.

Kyocera Display’s (former Optrex) new Highly Reflective (HR) transflective STN LCD modules provide very-high-contrast black pixels on a silvery, “winter white” background. This highly reflective background reflects a much higher percentage of ambient light back to the viewer. HR series LCDs provide exceptional clarity, sharpness and readability in all types of ambient lighting conditions while giving designers an attractive display in an industry standard configuration that enhances the functionality and appearance of their end product.

Available with white LED backlights, the HR series is ideal for applications where the LCD may be used in high ambient lighting conditions, including direct sunlight (reflective mode), or without a backlight (transmissive mode). Operating temperature for all HR graphic and character modules is -20° to +70º C.


All HR modules are built in complete compliance with the European Union’s RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium in electrical and electronic equipment by July 2006.

New HR Series graphic LCDs are available in 2.8-inch diagonal size with 128 x 64 dot pixel format (F-51852); 4.7-inch diagonal size with 160 x 128 format (F-51854); and 5.2-inch diagonal size with 260 x 64 format (F-51851).


The F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN 160x128 monochrome graphic module is an enhanced version of base part DMF-5001, providing higher luminance, high legibility and compliance with RoHS regulations.

F-51854 160x128 LCD Specifications

Technical Specifications
Module Type: Monochrome-Graphic
Size: 4.7"
Type: Transflective
LCD Mode: Black/White
Backlight: White LED
Dot Format: 160*128
Operating Temperature: -20 to 70
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70
Luminance: 40
Mass: 160g
Interface: Serial/Parallel
Viewing Direction: 6:00
Outer Dimension: 129mm (W) x 102mm (H) x 13.5mm (D)
Integrated controller/driver: EPSON S1D15714
Data Sheet F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN Technical Specifications
Drawing F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN Drawing
Notes EOL

GUI Solution for Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN
160x128 LCD

TC51854 Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854 LCD

TC51854 Embedded GUI Board

Touch Solution for Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN
160x128 LCD

TSR-51854 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen

4.7" 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen (P/N: TSR-51854)





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