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About Us

TVI Electronics was formed in 2004 with the recognition that there are many uses for graphic LCDs. Our company focuses entirely on providing touch screen display solutions in all sorts of applications. We design and manufacture custom and standard controllers for STN transmissive and F-STN transflective graphic LCD modules for simple high quality data readouts with custom design and consultation services available. We also supply resistive and surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screens and USB/RS232 touch screen controllers.

Our company objective is to fully understand all our customers' requirements and needs before presenting them with what we believe is the best solution for their display projects, at the right price. This may involve standard products or some custom work, but either way it is our aim to help as much as possible by providing our customers with perfect services and technologies they need to achieve their commercial objectives and to optimize their performance in a changing technology environment.

We fully stand behind our products and aim to provide prompt and effective technical support when needed.