Discontinued Products


NOTE: The following products are no longer being sold and might not be supported.
Refer to EOL Notice of each product.
Refer to Kyocera-LCDs for recommended Kyocera Display Replacements.




Touch Screen LCD Modules

Module Part Number Resolution LCD Mode / Backlight LCD Model Controller Recommended Replacement
TM1A5BW 128x64 Blue on White / LED F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN TC51553 TM2B5BW
TM1A5YG 128x64 Yellow on Green / LED F-51553GNYJ-LY-AA TC51553 TM4B3YG
TM1B5BW 128x64 Blue on White / LED F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN TC51553 TM2B5BW
TM1B5YG 128x64 Yellow on Green / LED F-51553GNYJ-LY-AA TC51553 TM4B3YG
TM2B5YG 128x64 Yellow on Green / LED F-51553GNYJ-LY-AA TC553/852 TM4B3YG
TM2B8BB 128x64 Blue on Black / LED F-51852GNFQJ-LB-ABN TC553/852 TM2B8BBL
TM2B8GB 128x64 Green on Black / LED F-51852GNFQJ-LG-ACN TC553/852 TM2B8GBL
TM2B8WB 128x64 White on Black / LED F-51852GNFQH-LW-AFN TC553/852 TM6B7WBL
TM2B8WBL 128x64 White on Black / LED F-51852GNFQJ-LW-AMN TC553/852 TM6B7WBL
TM2B8YB 128x64 Yellow on Black / LED F-51852GNFQJ-LY-ADN TC553/852  
TM2B8RB 128x64 Red on Black / LED F-51852GNFQJ-LR-AGN TC553/852  
TM4B3WB 128x64 White on Black / No Backlight F-51320GNF-AC TC51320
TM5C6WB 240x64 White on Black / LED F-51851GNFQJ-LW-AAN TC405/851 TM7C1WB
TM5C6GB 240x64 Green on Black / LED F-51851GNFQJ-LG-ACN TC405/851
TM5C6BWS 240x64 Blue on White / LED F-51851GNFJ-SLW-AEN TC405/851 TM7C1BWS
TM3C4WBS 160x128 Black on White / LED F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN TC51854




End of Life (EOL) Notice, Engineering Change Notice (ECN)

Jun. 28, 2019: All Passive LCD's
>> Download EOL Notice

Mar. 23, 2018: F-55471GNFQJ-LW-ACN, F-55472GNFQJ-LB-AEN
>> Download EOL Notice

Feb. 8, 2016: T-55149GD030J-MLW-AQN, T-55149GD030J-MLW-ARN, T-55149GD030J-MLW-ASN
>> Download EOL Notice

Dec. 16, 2015: F-55472GNFJ-SLW-AFN, F-55472GNBJ-LW-AGN, F-55472GNFQJ-LW-ABN,
>> Download ECN

Jun. 17, 2015: F-55471GNFQJ-LG-AFN, F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN
>> Download EOL Notice

Feb. 19, 2013: F-51553GNBJ-LW-AEN, F-55472GNFJ-SLW-AAN,
>> Download ECN

Jul. 10, 2012: F-51900NCU-LW-AHN, F-51900NCU-LW-AIN
>> Download EOL Notice

May 14, 2012: T-55343GD035JU-LW-AFN
>> Download EOL Notice

Sep. 19, 2012: T-55149GD030J-MLW-AJN, T-55149GD030J-MLW-AMN
>> Download ECN

Aug. 24, 2010: F-51900NCU-FW-ACN, F-51900NCU-FW-ADN
>> Download EOL Notice

Mar. 26, 2010: F-51852, F-51851
>> Download EOL Notice

Jan. 29, 2007: F-51320, F-51553, F-51852, F-51405
>> Download EOL Notice

NOTE: The TC51553 controller is EOL and not recommended for new design. It is only available to extent of our inventory. The recommended replacement is TC553/852 LCD Controller.




Explanation of TVI Electronics Part Number Codes

TVI Electronics Part Number Nomenclature image Part Number Nomenclature (PDF - 94.4KB)







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