TC52G-24064 GUI Controller for TGL52G-24064-1 Series LCDs


TC52G-24064 240x64 Development Board for TGL52G-24064-1 Series LCDs


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TC52G-24064 240x64 Controller Description

The TC52G-24064 is an intelligent LCD controller with an integrated touch screen control that supports TGL52G-24064-1 Series 240x64 COG Monochrome Graphic LCDs. This controller allows user to individually control each display pixel. This independent pixel control allows displaying both text and pictures simultaneously. The TC52G-24064 uses an ATMEGA32 microcontroller and a 4M bit AT45DB041B Flash. The microcontroller can be reprogrammed at any time by using AVRISP device. The on-board voltage regulator can accept unregulated 5-15 VDC power source, USB power or regulated 3.3 VDC.

Key Features

  • RS-232 communication interface PC and TTL

  • USB communication interface

  • Nine programmable baud rates

  • 4Mb Flash Memory for fonts, bitmaps and GUI storage

  • Touch screen controller

  • AVRISP Interface

  • Draw/Clear Line/Rectangle/Circle

  • Animation

  • 3.3VDC voltage regulator

  • Software controls LCD contrast, backlight ON/OFF, display ON/OFF

  • Hardware contrast adjustment

  • Power up user defined settings (saved in the memory)

  • Multiple display modes: Normal, Reverse, Mixed

  • 4 integrated fonts (custom fonts are available) can be mixed freely on the screen: 7 pixels (H), 14 pixels (H), 14 pixels (H) Bold, 22 pixels (H)

Font Size


Screen Sample





Multiple Display Modes


  • 240x64 LCD
  • Graphic 240x64 LCD
  • Monochrome-Graphic
  • F-55471
  • 240x64 LCD
  • F-55471 LCD
  • Graphic
  • Monochrome
  • F-55471
  • 240x64 LCD
  • Graphic 240x64 LCD


TouchScreen Controller


The TouchScreen controller can respond by sending XY coordinates of touch screen contact location or by sending digits (if used as a 6x3 keypad) to main microprocessor or computer. The TC52G-24064 controller has a built-in buzzer which can produce a sound on touch. In 6x3 Keypad Mode, the screen is divided on 18 boxes 37x18 pixels each. Each box response can be disabled or enabled. Touch screen controller if used in 6x3 Keypad Mode provides a Flip option which reverses colors of the touched box.


Touch Screen Controller 6x3 Keypad


TouchScreen Controller 6x3 Keypad with Flip

Key Benefits
  • Can be used as a development board or OEM

  • The firmware can be customized for particular application

  • The hardware can be modified for specific OEM requirements

  • VIs and programming examples for LabVIEW are available new product

TC52G-24064 Controller Supporting Documentation

Evaluation Tools

Control Panel 240x64 Download

Control Panel CP240x64 V1.3.0 (03/17/20 - 2.27M)



  • Significantly reduces the time and effort to evaluate LCD controller boards.
  • Allows to display information on 240x64 Monochrome Graphic displays.
  • Allows various Touch Screen modes, T/S state ON/OFF, Calibration, etc.
  • Load and Save bitmap screens.
  • 4 integrated fonts: 7 Pixels, 14 Pixels Regular, 14 Pixels Bold, 22 Pixels.
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME, NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/10.
  • Provided on an as-is basis.
  • Full software support at our Support Forum.



Technical Documentation

TC52G-24064 Controller User Manual

User Manual (01/26/21 - 722K)

TC52G-24064 PCB Dimensions

Dimensions (01/26/21 - 109K)



Firmware Release Information



Release Notes

Release Date

Firmware Download



January 26, 2021



User Guides

Control Panel 240x64 User Guide

Control Panel 240x64 User Guide (November 2015 - 785K)


This guide describes how to use the CP240x64 software.
Handling Precautions

Handling Precautions (January 2013 - 53.9K)



Warranty (January 2013 - 83.5K)



Note: VIs and programming examples for LabVIEW are available on the supporting CD-ROM.



Full firmware support is provided at our Support Forum.



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