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TFT Graphic Display Modules Description

TVI Electronics TFT Graphic Display modules are fully integrated display solutions. Touch Screen LCD Module can integrate with other applications, ease user interface, and make significant changes in graphic LCD system design. Touch Screen LCD Module incorporates a touch panel based on resistive or capacitive sense technologies. The touch screen is placed over the LCD, so that the responsive area of the panel covers the viewable area of the display. It is pressure sensitive, so it responds to any input device, including finger, gloved hand, or pen stylus. The controller board contains all LCD drive electronics and touch panel logic required to display data, scan the touch panel, sense operator inputs, and output digital data to a control program. This module offers easy-to-use serial (RS232 or USB) data interface, allows to control from raw row and column pixel data conversion to complete embedded graphic control subsystems with memory. Additionally, if reprogramming AT32UC3B0256 microcontroller, this module can be used as a stand alone unit allowing greater design creativity. The Touch Screen LCD Module can be used for a variety of specialized mounting applications. All user controls are located on the rear of the module, making the panel mount displays a good choice for applications requiring a display with no external or exposed controls. TVI Electronics' Touch Screen LCD Module comes with everything you need to integrate a TFT Digital Graphic display into your next application.

LCD Modules Ordering Information

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3.0 3.5

Keep Ctrl key pressed for multiple

4-Wire Resistive TS
Capacitive TS

Paging Filter on drop-down value change
Alternate background Highlight keyword(s)

Module P/N Controller LCD Model Resolution LCD Size LCD Mode / Backlight Touch Screen
TC55149S Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) T-55149 TFT LCD
T-55149GD030J-MLW-ARN 240x400 3.0 Normally White / LED Yes/CAP
TC55343 Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) T-55343 TFT LCD
T-55343GD035JU-LW-ADN 320x240 3.5 Normally White / LED No
TC55343 Controller for Kyocera Display (Optrex) T-55343 TFT LCD
T-55343GD035JU-LW-AEN 320x240 3.5 Normally White / LED Yes/4W

Communication Types

To use our display module with a computer:

  • Connect the module to your computer via RS232 or USB cable

  • For RS232 interface, external power is required

  • Download and install GUI software.

To integrate our display module with your embedded application:

  • Use USB or RS232 serial interface or communicate directly with MCU UART

  • Supply power to the controller board

  • Use an appropriate command to communicate with the module.

Explanation of TVI Electronics Part Number Codes

TVI Electronics Part Number Nomenclature image Part Number Nomenclature (PDF - 62.2 KB)



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