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  • TC51854 LCD Controller

The TC51854 controller provides full support for Kyocera Display (former Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN 160x128 F-STN Monochrome Graphic Transflective LCD with a 4.7-inch diagonal viewing area for characters and/or graphics display. This controller allows user to individually control each display pixel. This independent pixel control allows displaying both text and pictures simultaneously. The TC51854 uses an ATMEGA16 or ATMEGA32 microcontrollers and a 4M bit AT45DB041B Flash. The microcontroller can be reprogrammed at any time by using AVRISP device. This board requires 9-12 VDC (recommended) and 250 mA power supply.

TC51854 includes a 3-inch flat flex cable for connection with F-51854 LCD and a CD-ROM with supporting documentation (one per order).


  • RS-232 communication interface PC and TTL (8051 Family, Basic Stamp, PIC, or TTL Compatible)
  • 4Mb Flash Memory
  • Touch screen controller (Analog or 4x4 Onscreen Keypad w/Flip Option)
  • AVRISP Interface
  • Individual Pixel Control
  • Draw/Clear Line/Rectangle/Circle
  • Animation
  • 5 VDC voltage regulator
  • 5 port pins of ATmega16 microcontroller (PA6, PD2, PD5, PD6, PD7) are available for your personal use
  • 4 integrated fonts: 7 pixels (H), 14 pixels (H), 14 pixels (H) Bold, 22 pixels (H) (custom fonts are available)
  • Multiple display modes: Normal, Reverse, Mixed can be freely mixed on the F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN LCD
  • 180° Screen Rotation
  • Display Parallel Connection


TC51854 User Manual (pdf - 1.02MB)

TC51854 Dimensions (pdf - 45 KB)

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TC51854 LCD Controller

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